Wim & Ans Selders in Volendam Village, Holland Costumes


Wim & Cor Selders
Our Holland Cousins!

The American branch,
The Nieuwaal branch, (Nieuwaal is a small village near Zaltbommel).
The Leiden branch,
The Andel branch. (Hardly investigated yet).(Andel is a small village in the province of Noord Brabant).

Brief summary of the 'Nieuwaal branch.'
Gijsbert (or Geurts) Rosa x ?
Abraham Gijsberts Rosa x Marijke (or Mayke) Cornelis
Geurt Abrahamse Rosa x ?     1)
Abraham Geurts Rosa x Otje (or Olij) Tielen
Geurt Rosa x Maria Schouwenburg
Abraham Rosa x Kaatje (or Caatje) de Bruin
Jacob Rosa x 1. Pietertje van Wijk. 2. Jenneke van Thuil (or van Tuyl) second wife is Wim & Cor Selder's line
Azwerus Roza x Anneke van Ballegooijen
Willem Roza x Areke de Ridder
Sophia Roza b. 22 October 1907 d. 7 September 1982, Haarlem, Holland x Cornelis Selders b. 2 May 1904, Loenen aan ve Vecht, Holland d. 1 May 1989, Haarlem, Holland
(Sophia Roza is the mother of Cornelis Willem Selders and of Willem Arie Selders).
Cornelis Willem Selders b. 6 June 1939, Amsterdam, Holland
Willem Arie Selders b. 8 November 1931, Amsterdam, Holland Married to Johanna Roelofje van Oorschot, born January 26, 1934 in Amsterdam.
Two children: René, born March 21, 1959, in Amsterdam,
Meta, born May 25, 1961 in Amsterdam. Meta's partner is Gerardus Stephanus Theodorus Gerritsen, born May 30, 1961 in Puth (Province of Limburg).
My grandchildren: Rosa Marijn Gerritsen, born December 13, 1991 in Amsterdam, Florian Willem Gerritsen, born November 26, 1993 in Amsterdam.
My parents: Sophia Roza, born October 22, 1907 Nieuwaal (Province of Gelderland) deceased September 07, 1982 in Haarlem.
Cornelis Selders, born May 02, 1904, Loenen aan de Vecht (Province of Utrecht) deceased May 01, 1989 in Haarlem.

1) Here starts the Nieuwaal branch.
The brother of Abraham Gijsbertsz Rosa is Heyman Gijsbertsz Rosa.
With Heyman Gijsbertsz Rosa starts the American branch.

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