Zeus   "What   A   Guy"   Grows

Zeus is growing and not without his problems. He got very sick with unexplained fevers and elevated liver enzymes when he was about 9wks old. He had osteochondritis and with a great vet, six weeks of antibiotics and a new diet lower in protein/fats, he made a complete recovery and regained full strength in his right shoulder. He is a very velcro dobe, following me everywhere. His nature is so gentle and expressive, he smiles when he is happy and cries when he is sad. His new red/rust dobie playmate, Sassy is a joy to him. They are inseparable. When she was ill, he held her in his paws. He has the finest side of human qualities in a dog's body. Please see Sassy's webpage in the links below. They are loved as unconditionally as they love. Please don't forget to sign their guest book and tell us about your precious pets. soto@express-news.net
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This is a tribute to MO, a beloved K-9 He served his community and his master well and made a difference. Rest in peace, Dear Friend. 11/10/88-3/29/99

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