Zeus, Dobie, was born on 9/7/97. He has many playmates,his newest playmate is Saspirilla's Sweet Dreams, Sassy is a red/rust Dobie,born on 7/29/98. Please see her page on links below. We take in orphans,too, and end up keeping alot of them. We get their shots, neuter and spay and find them good homes. We are owned by 5 rescued cats, another rescued dog, Freddie and "the Dobermans" Zeus, a rescue,and Sassy because dobies have touched our hearts for over 20yrs. Dobes are magnificent, regal, devoted, loving and gentle dogs, we love all our animals. There is never a more honest devotion then pets, all they ask is to be cared for and so many are thrown away, if every person cared for at least one animal, that has been abused,abandoned and disreguarded, this world would be "a better place"! soto@express-news.net

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My Snazzy List of Links

Nurse Chat: Where Nurses and Lay People Chat
Pet Chat & Lots More Chats: Animal Lovers Unlimited
tiara: To honor a beloved pets
ICQ: A great chat tool
For the Love of a Doberman: A Dobermans Love
DoberWorld Links: Where Dobies want to be
Doberman-H Homepage: Talk to other Dobie Parents
Hundmeister Registered Dobermans: Great people, great dobermans
Dr. P's Dog Training: Covers lots of training ideas
Delta Society: Dogs helping people
Doberman Health Problems: A must see for Dobe parents
Training: Agression: How to prevent a problem in training
Petra & Jodi's Doberman Site: Lots of great Dobies
ZEUS GROWS "WHAT A GUY": Watching Zeus grow
Saspirilla's Sweet Dreams: My new playmate
Second Chance Dobes: A Wonderful Place to Get A Dobe

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